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Vaishant Kameswaram2 mins ago
What auth-related packages do we use in the frontend?
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Greptile App2 mins ago
In the frontend of the tabnam-inc/onboardme repository, the following authentication-related packages are used:
  • NextAuth: Utilized for session management and user authentication, as seen in the /src/app/api/session/auth/[...nextauth]/route.ts file.
  • @propelauth/nextjs: Employed for user authentication and session management, evident in various parts of the codebase, including the handling of GitHub and Slack OAuth integrations.
  • These packages facilitate the authentication process, including OAuth flows with external services like GitHub and Slack.

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dakshgupopened a PR 1 hour ago
.env- # Comment out the following line to test env+ # .env.localnode_modules/.vscode/
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greptile-appsreviewed 1 hour ago
The modification in the .dockerignore file to comment out .env.local instead of ignoring it might unintentionally include local environment variables in Docker builds, which could lead to security vulnerabilities or unexpected behavior in different environments. It's crucial to ensure that sensitive or environment-specific files are not included in Docker images unless explicitly required for the application to function.

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Verify GitLab repos work with integrations
soohooncreated the issue ⋅ 3 days ago
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Greptile2 mins ago
To verify if GitLab repositories work with the Linear and Slackbot integrations, you'll need to follow a structured approach since the provided codebase primarily references GitHub integrations. Here's how you can proceed:
  • GitHub Integration: The codebase includes specific references to GitHub, eg. /app/api/integrations/github/route.ts and/assets/apps/github/webhook.ts. These files handle GitHub webhook events and update integrations accordingly.
  • Linear Integration: The Linear integration, as seen in /src/app/api/integrations/linear/route.ts, does not specify the source control platform, suggesting it might be agnostic to whether the repository is on GitHub or GitLab. It does focus on updating Linear-specific settings.
  • Slack Integration: The Slack integration in /src/app/apps/slack/page.tsxprovides a JWT for further operations. It does not directly interact with source control platforms but could be part of a workflow that includes notifications or commands related to GitLab repos.

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webhooks.ts +323 -41
2.2 Intro to Webhooks

Handling Webhooks

Turboroot sends a POST request to an endpoint you provide. You can verify the request via our signature and IP address.To get started, you need to create a webhook endpoint in your app. Then, you can use the TurboRoot SDK to verify the request.
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