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Greptile is the first AI tool that truly understands your codebase.
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PR Auto-Reviewer

Get context-aware comments on every PR. Catch potential issues that human reviewers might not.

GitHub pull request reviewed by Greptile

Issue Bot

Enrich issues with context-based tips. Resolve them 30% faster. Simplify complex challenges into actionable steps. Make contributing to your project easier. Free for selected open source repositories.

GitHub issue

Slack Expert

Answer technical questions where your team lives. Live, up-to-date, and always-awake.


Ticket Enricher

Add context-based tips on where to start. Drop the barrier to take on a ticket.


Docs Auto-Updater

Greptile can automatically update your docs based on code changes. Keep your docs up-to-date.

webhooks.ts +323 -41
2.2 Intro to Webhooks

Handling Webhooks

Turboroot sends a POST request to an endpoint you provide. You can verify the request via our signature and IP address.To get started, you need to create a webhook endpoint in your app. Then, you can use the TurboRoot SDK to verify the request.
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Design Doc Reviewer

Integrate Greptile with Quip or Google Docs to add codebase-aware comments, spotting gaps and considerations before programming begins.

"That answer was spot on."

Trevor Blackwell

Co-founder, Y Combinator

Trevor Blackwell

"Greptile has been a great assistant to Calavista in understanding both old and newer code bases. In addition, the PR bot has really proven to offer fantastic recommendations for our developers."

Daniel Kulvicki

Director, Calavista Software

Daniel Kulvicki

"Pretty darn impressed with Greptile so far. Loaded up a GitHub repo, and asked questions about a repo. Received quick, intelligent answers in plain English. It was even able to create a Mermaid diagram to help me visualize the code."

Sebastian Gallese

Sr Engineer, Included Health

Sebastian Gallese

"This is the best chat-with-your-code solution I have ever used."

Justin Torre

CEO, Helicone

Justin Torre

"I love Greptile. It's the only product I use on a daily basis besides ChatGPT. It makes diving into and contributing to new codebases so easy."

Erick Enriquez

CEO, InQuery

Erick Enriquez

"Incredible. I've been using it to understand new repos. It's like having a senior engineer in front of you."

Karun Kaushik


Karun Kaushik

How it works

Greptile is an AI-powered API that can search and understand large codebases in plain language.
Hundreds of software teams use it to review PRs, enrich Sentry alerts, and answer questions in Slack.

Connect your GitHub/GitLab account.

Wait a few minutes while we index your repos.

Chat with your codebase!

Ask questions to understand how different parts work!

Add Greptile to your GitHub and Linear.

Add helpful context to every issue. Auto-review PRs.

Add Greptile to your #eng Slack channel

Answer questions about the codebase and unblock devs.

Add Greptile to GitHub/GitLab to review PRs.

Greptile can review PRs with full codebase context.

Got a specific use case?

Use the REST API!