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The all-new Greptile PR bot!

The all-new Greptile PR bot!

May 28, 2024 (3w ago)

Daksh Gupta

Last night we released a new version of our pull request bot. Here's what's new 🧵

  1. PR Summaries in description!

PR summaries can now be a separate comment, or appended to the PR description. You can configure this here!

Alt text
  1. Choose what to comment on! You can now configure what Greptile should comment on, like this:
Alt text

Greptile will only comment on those changes.

  1. Bug fixes and reduced noisiness

We fixed the bug where comments on file changes appeared in the first comment rather than spread over the changes. We also reduced the noisiness of the bot so it doesn't just describe a change if there is nothing notable to comment on.

Check it out!!

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